[Christine Wong]

Freelance Journalist

        The back story

I've been covering tech, business and finance for over 20 years.

Along the way I’ve gazed at many a Gartner magic quadrant,

deciphered countless earnings reports, asked all the dumb 

questions (because facts, right?), been nominated for best news coverage at the Canadian 
Online Publishing Awards, and shared a memorable cab ride with The Amazing Kreskin.

How did I get here? I started out in print, with reporting and editing jobs at Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Sun.

Then came TV. I worked as a reporter for the weekly newsmagazine series High Tech TV  (CTV Ottawa) and as an associate producer at Business News Network, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (CBC) and the daily national talk shows The Mom Show and Three Takes (both on Slice).


Now I focus on freelance writing, mainly covering technology as a blogger and reporter for sites like IT Business CanadaexpertIP and Business Hub.

I live in Toronto, where I’m chasing after the biggest story of my life: Ben, who is 9.